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Beyond the Edge

The land of Ar Wahân has harboured a curious secret as long as written records stretch back. Along the Southern border there lays the edge of the world; A single unbroken cliff side that stretches down as far as the eye can see. As centuries passed, legends spread across Ar Wahân of that which could exist beyond the edge of the world. Tales of immeasurable wealth, unbridled power, strange lands and creatures alien to the world known. Many expeditions scaled down the edge, but none ever returned, thus the tall tales remained myths of legend to this very day.

When all is said and done, will you be the one to return and regale the world with the furtive mysteries that lay beyond the edge? Will the untold dangers make your name yet another lost to the annals of time? Or will you venture into the mists and find somewhere within to call home, abandoning the world above?
Only time will tell what’s off the edge of the Windswept Precipice before you.

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