The Gods

There are three primary higher powers in Ar Wahan. The Pantheon, The Boundless Phoenix and the less favoured Silent Weaver.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon consists of six gods, (though many today consider one of the six as “The Fallen” this is up for debate.) one representing each race. Each god can be celebrated individually or all together as the Pantheon. While the Pantheon itself did not exist until after the Treaty of the Six, the individual gods themselves predate the earliest written records.

  1. Haru, Goddess of rabbits
  2. Tormag, Lord of the Draconic
  3. Lento, the Wings of the World
  4. Matraga, Mother of Otters and Guardian of the Sea
  5. Livet, the Stag whose antlers birthed the Forest
    The sixth god of the pantheon is recognized by fewer after the Salamanders were sentenced to exile at the conclusion of the broken oath. None the less however, the god still is revered by a small few.
    6. Raigo, The Salamander, Creator of the Arcane (The Fallen post-Broken Oath)

The Boundless Phoenix

The Order of the Boundless Phoenix emerged during the Broken Oath period. Largely celebrated by the state, and with immense sway in the capital, the Boundless Phoenix is believed by some to be the one true god. The Phoenix birthed the world and one day will bring it to its end. No end is believed to be eternal however, rather the beginning of a new age. Followers of the Boundless Phoenix are strong believers in reincarnation. Each sunrise is rebirth for the Boundless Phoenix, and each sunset is death. The Phoenix sees the light and dark in the hearts of all beings, dealing karmic justice where it sees fit. If not in this life, then in the next.

The Silent Weaver

The least common deity, the origins of the Silent Weaver are unknown. Followers are far and few between, often having personal shrines dedicated to the Weaver than a place of group worship. The Silent Weaver is said to see all and know all, casting out his agents into the world to maintain the threads of Fate. It is said that all actions are predetermined, from the moment of creation to the last breath exhausted. The Silent Weaver eternally adds to the tapestry of life, keeping the fabric from being torn. All beings are just a single thread in the grand tapestries of life. The Silent Weaver promotes enjoying life, worrying not for the future but living in the moment. All actions are sewn into the grand tapestry, all actions accounted for. Let what comes to pass be, for it all has been planned by the Silent Weaver.

The Gods

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